We provide a full range of trips to all must sees on Kola Peninsula: aurora chasing trips, trips to lovely husky dogs where you can cuddle with them and go for a ride by a husky pulled sleigh, trips to Sami reindeer farm where you will learn a lot about this anicient indigenous people and their culture and traditions, play with the reindeers and feed them, you can also go for a ride by snowmobile and just go skating or skiing or sliding and enjoy the nature. There are also many things to do and see in Murmansk city: sightseeing, visits to numerous museums of Murmank, unique nuclear power driven icebreaker Lenin, oceanarium with specially trained arctic seals, or if you are tired of city life you can take a trip to Teribirka - one of the most remote and desolate areas on the shore of the Arctic ocean! We can offer tailor-made programs and attractive prices for groups. Contact us for more details and prices! 


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